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I don’t recall

It always bugs me when politicians and presidents use their faulty memory as an excuse not to say something. President Bush claims that he served in the National Guard in Alabama, but there’s no documentation on his presence there. Mysteriously, some missing paystub records have suddenly turned up a day after his “Meet the Press” appearance (they were never found in previous investigations into this matter in 1994 and 2000… perhaps they were with Hillary Clinton’s billing records?), and those records say he was paid — which is hardly proof that he actually performed any service. His official personnel file has no record of service in Alabama, and the sheet that has the dates for that period has the name torn off and the social security number “redacted.”
The president claims that he served, but he can’t remember what he did in Alabama. That was 30 years ago. I can remember what I was doing back in 1972, and I was only 6. I was in first grade at Randolph Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia, and I was so good at reading that I had to take a reading class with a higher grade outside in a trailer. If I can remember something that long ago, why can’t he? Oh, right — I wasn’t doing cocaine and drinking at the time.
Don’t you think that the President of the United States should be required to have a slightly better memory?

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