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Overgrown Boy Scout

Ever since the Boy Scouts were outed as far right reactionaries, a veritable stepping stone for the Young Republicans, we knew that this was coming. Via Top Ten Conservative Idiots:

If you head over to the Boy Scouts website you’ll find that they stand for good, wholesome activities designed to instill young men with proper values and ethics(no gays allowed). Check out the Boy Scouts Law for example: a Scout must be trustworthy, obedient, loyal, cheerful, helpful, thrifty, friendly, brave, courteous, clean, kind, and reverent. Which is why you might be scratching your head to learn that the Boy Scouts South Florida Council has asked Oliver North to be the keynote speaker at its upcoming fundraiser. Yup, there’s a guy who can really teach impressionable young men about values and ethics. Making the understatement of the year, Norman Silber, President of the South Florida Council, said, “Who among us has not had mistakes in our lives, made mistakes in judgment?” True, true. But on the other hand, who among us has been convicted for lying to Congress about secretly selling weapons to a terrorist nation in order to illegally fund other terrorists? But not to worry because, as Norman also says, “The Boy Scouts of America does not have a political agenda.” Just as well, eh, or they’d look like a real bunch of chumps!

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