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The Bush Code

You know something — I see a pattern in the King of the A**holes’ tactics. (Oh, and ever since I began writing this blog, I’ve tried to use a certain amount of respect toward the office when referring to the president, but now that he has made it clear that he has no respect for me, that’s over. But I digress…) He’s just speaking in a code designed to throw you off the track:

Until yesterday, he had said he believed in defending traditional marriage and would support a constitutional amendment if necessary — but only if there were no other way to prevent judges from forcing gay marriage on an unwilling American public. Now, Mr. Bush has abandoned nuance.

Remember a year or so ago, when the droopy-mouthed uncle-**cker made speeches claiming that he’d invade Iraq only if necessary, then, BOOM! He abandoned the idea of any other route?
He and other right wing whack jobs jump right to whatever reasonable people think is the “last resort” and make it their first line of action. Gee, wouldn’t you call that kind of behavior extremist?

The President closed his endorsement of the amendment by insisting that “our government should respect every person” and requesting that Americans “conduct this difficult debate in a manner worthy of our country . . . with kindness and goodwill and decency.” In the context of a divisive proposal, this request didn’t just ring hollow; it clanged.

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