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New look, no reason

I just felt like changing things here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to look all that great with Internet Explorer — a browser that I find to be a true piece of crap. I can’t decide if I should fix things so that they render correctly in the non-standard IE so that the majority of visitors benefit, or be true to my principles and say “damn the majority.” Just because IE holds a near monopoly on computers doesn’t mean I have to support it.
Regardless, after having sketched out the page and built it last night, I must admit that I’m not overly fond of it. You know, I’m a designer by trade, and yet it seems that lately I have lost all the abilities I once had to design nice things. Now I just kind of slide by, and I’m rather ashamed by it.
I’m afraid I now fit the derisory comment I made years ago about another designer: “He’s a designer like Chef Boyardee is a chef.”
What do you think? Like the new layout or hate it? Should I put the old one back and then rethink it?


  • Rather than commenting on the graphic design, which I want some time to absorb (and I’m one of those IE users), I do want to point out that the permalinks and archivelinks in the sidebar aren’t working; the MT tags aren’t being resolved when the page is generated. Yesterday the search also wasn’t working but that seems to be fine now.

  • Darn those pesky MT tags — it turns out that somewhere down the line, the editor I was using changed the “” into hex code instead. Rats.

  • I absolutely love the fact that you put the Constitution as a background. You might want to have your headings in a slightly more scripty font, not as scripty as the Constitution, but something not quite as “blocky” as what’s there now, although I love the green color. There. Still love me?

    Today I wrote all my (Republican) representatives and asked them not to approve the various bills being forced down our throats lately. I got on the NOW website and really went wild against the “Family Violence Act” and the anti-same-sex amendment. Vive la First Amendment!


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