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I was reading an entry on gay rights by Wil Wheaton, having been directed there via Thom’s blog, and was amused by this comment on Wheaton’s blog:

Dude, I live in San Francisco. I have visited the people in the lines during the first week, and I have spoken with them. The Homosexual Agenda is far more healthy than the Bush Administration Agenda.


Homosexuals: Feed the cat
Bush Administration: Change the Constitution

H: Share their lives with someone they love
B: Topple regimes in the middle-east

H: Have families, raise good children
B: Prevent condom use

H: Get married
B: Make it government’s business to save your soul

President Jackass can’t go bye-bye soon enough for me.

Posted by: Chris Reed on February 25, 2004 01:41 PM

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