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The DVD I produced for my friend Sara has been reviewed by News 8 Austin and I’m pretty excited about it!

Sara Hickman has packed six hours of career-spanning footage into a new DVD, six hours that have her plenty nostalgic about 14 years of music and a lot of regrettable hair.

“We even considered not putting the dates on things because you can tell from the hairstyles. That’s the first big thing I noticed. Also, I’d like to think I’ve gotten more professional and that my voice and songwriting have matured. It’s pretty wild watching one artist develop over 14 years, really finding herself and her song. It’s really an amazing thing,” Hickman said.

Not only are a pair of amazing Tonight Show appearances on Hickman’s DVD, but there’s also clips of her on the less successful Pat Sajeck and Rick Dees shows. Even better, there’s 20 Easter Eggs on the disc — buried tracks that includes at least one not-ready-for-primetime moment.

“If you find it, it’s from Canada. I’m on Much Music with this wonderful French speaking man. And they had this big window behind the interview and a man came by to look in. He went away and then suddenly comes back to drop his pants. He mooned the entire country of Canada, It’s on there, if you can find it,” she said.

[You can watch the interview using Windows Media Player (ick) by going to File>Open URL… then typing in ]http://www.news8austin.com/shared/video/buildasx.asp?vids=19563&mswmext=.asx]

[Or, if you have a Mac and discovered, like I did, that WMP is a big old piece of dog doo that won’t even install properly and defies all attempts to troubleshoot it… sorry. Anyway, I made a Quicktime copy of it.]

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