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I know two other jobs that might be available soon

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., March 4 — President Bush rhapsodized Thursday about the possibility that a stock-car firm in this hot, dry community will add two jobs this year, as he refined his campaign message of economic optimism.

Prompted by the president, chassis-maker Les DenHerder said the tax cuts Bush backed might allow him to hire two or three more people.

“When he says he’s going to hire two more, that’s really good news,” Bush said. “A lot of people are feeling confident and optimistic about our future so they can say, ‘I’m going to hire two more.’ They can sit here and tell the president in front of all the cameras, ‘I’m going to hire two more people.’ That’s confidence!”

Well, I’d call it confidence when a President who presided over the loss of 2.2 million jobs is excited by a guy saying he might hire two or three people.

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