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I’m running out of entry titles that make fun of Bush lies

One more to add to the pile. Listen, folks, if they continually make up things that are so easy for us to see through, can you imagine the big lies that lie below the surface? Yeah, I’m sure every President — the previous one comes to mind — lies, but how many campaign with pledges to be different, to not lie, to change the tone, etc.? Bastard.

The Bush administration, irked that the official arbiter of recessions continues to say the current downturn began on President Bush’s watch, has unilaterally changed the official start of the recession to the last months of the Clinton administration.

A new Bush campaign ad released this week proclaims: “January 2001. The challenge: an economy in recession.” This backs up the claim often made by Bush and top aides that they “inherited” an economic recession.

The only trouble with this assertion is the nonpartisan National Bureau of Economic Research, which does the official dating of recessions, says the downturn began in March 2001 — early in Bush’s presidency.

This administration has an enormous problem seeing and acknowledging the truth, and when it encounters something that it doesn’t like, it revises history to suit it’s agenda. I feel like we’re living in a George Orwell novel.

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