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The February Sweeps on local television brought us some highly-charged, important news stories. The Washington Times lists a few of these newsworthy moments:

“Panes of Pain,” a report by Sherri Ly of Fox affiliate WTTG-TV (Channel 5), detailed the dangers of touching hot glass panes on fireplace doors. Oh, it was silly, but give Ms. Ly credit for finding a couple who claimed they didn’t know they should keep their toddler away from the family hearth. Such people can’t be easy to find.
    WTTG’s Will Thomas began a report on flammable mattresses with dramatic narration over the images of a retailer’s selection of beds: “So many mattresses to choose from. Soft. Firm. Deadly?” He then told viewers, “You may not realize it, but if your mattress catches on fire, the flames can quickly grow out of control.”
    You don’t say.
It’s unlikely cheap diamonds and oil-change rip-offs are burning issues in our area, but that didn’t keep NBC affiliate WRC-TV (Channel 4) from devoting airtime to stories on them.
Stacey Cohan of CBS affiliate WUSA-TV (Channel 9) introduced viewers to a dog breeder who claims airport security officers don’t check her crates when she ships the animals. Is this a trend, or was the report based on the experiences of one breeder? Viewers weren’t told.
    Mr. Thomas reported on a Northwest man who can’t drive his new BMW because of a bureaucratic mix-up at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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