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Turn in your neighbors

Whatever would we do without internet name registries?
Now we can see just what candidate our neighbors gave money to–and then treat them accordingly, eh? Courtesy of the lovely Mac the Fish, who in turn got it from Kev, and so on and so on… it’s the Fundrace 2004 Neighbor Search.
I’m pretty stunned at two things about my neighbors: first, that so many of them ponied up $2000 for Bush here in this most liberal of Virginia counties; second, that I live in a much more affuent neighborhood than I thought, filled with lawyers, lobbyists, and major corporation executives.
I feel both oddly affluent and out of place.
Let’s see how my neighborhood stacks up:
Arlington, Virginia 22206

  • Bush: $43,595
  • Dean: $4,606
  • Clark: $5,750
  • Kerry: $1,950
  • Gephardt: $1,750
  • Lieberman: $550
  • Kucinich: $250
  • Sharpton: $10

Now, my friend Jann’s neighborhood:
Stockton, California 95207

  • Bush: $42,680
  • Edwards: $6,000
  • Gephardt: $1,000
  • Kucinich: $600
  • Dean: $100

And my friend Sara’s neighborhood:
Austin, Texas

  • Dean: $18,646
  • Bush: $15,250
  • Clark: $6,250
  • Edwards: $5,500
  • Gephardt: $2,300
  • Kucinich: $500
  • Moseley Braun: $250

I think I have made a decision on where I want to move to (before I get fed up completely and move to Canada), and isn’t it ironic that it’s the capital of Texas, where Dubya was governor? I guess they know better than anyone what life under his rule is like. Plus, at least in Texas there’s no more ridiculous sodomy laws, unlike Virginia. Not that I could really be called a sodomite, but you know, it’d be nice to have options.

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  • Yeah, I’d blogged this on my quicklinks site this morning. Remember, though, that it only shows contributions of $200 or more, so maybe the Dems in your zip code just were giving smaller donations. In my own zip code, the big $2k donations were almost exclusively for Bush (with Clark getting two), but the Dems got a significant number of smaller donations. I also wonder if the fact that the database is only updated through 12/31/03 has anything to do with it, since Bush supporters already knew early on that he would be their candidate, while maybe some Dems have been waiting to donate only /after/ a clear candidate emerged.

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