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My first Kerry bash

Never let it be said that I am solely devoted to bashing Republicans. Let’s explore my knee-jerk reaction to Kerry’s tax proposal.
He’s indicated that he would cut taxes on business in order to stem the tide of “off-shoring”, caused by the tax advantages of setting up shop in another country.
I haven’t looked into this proposal in any detail, but since the vast majority of voters won’t, I’ll hold off for now and take my information filtered through the media.
Basically, what they’re saying is that Kerry wants to cut taxes on business — okay — but then raise taxes on individuals (granted, the top wage earners) to close the gap.
Um, well, I’m not averse to rolling back the huge tax cuts Bush has given the rich, but doesn’t it seem a bit scary to propose such a thing? If he wants to reduce offshoring, why not remove the loopholes that encourage it rather than lower the taxes?
I’ll have to read more about this soon, because I’m puzzled and it seems to be a miscalculation that the Dubya campaign will shortly jump all over.

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