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WONDERFALLS! Gotta watch it. Trust me.
You know, I believe I now have a thing for that [gay] cutie Bryan Fuller. He’s responsible for two of my favorite shows, “Dead Like Me” and “Wonderfalls,” he wrote some “Deep Space Nines” and he some of the very few good episodes of “Star Trek Voyager.”
Anyway, from the very first moments, through the catchy, quirky theme song, and on through to the end, there wasn’t a moment I wasn’t rivited to the screen. I love the combination of black comedy and humanity that this show piles on.
There’s only one disappointment with this series — it’s on Fox, and I feel certain that they will not give it the attention it deserves. It’ll probably go the way of “Futurama,” another brilliant gem that got the Fox treatment.
Let’s hope there are enough episodes for a DVD set. I’ll be first in line.
(Hey! The theme song from “Wonderfalls,” ‘I Wonder Why the Wonder Falls” by Andy Partridge, is available on iTunes Music Store! Cool beans!)

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