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The first Monday in November

It seems like a trend may be in the offing: ever since the attack in Madrid seemingly shifted the outcome of the election, is al Queda realizing that this is the way to have an effect on world politics? Authorities have foiled an attack in the Philippines that may have been scheduled for their upcoming elections:

MANILA – A terrorist bombing on the scale of the Madrid attacks has been averted with the arrests of four Abu Sayyaf members and the confiscation of 36kg of TNT, the Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said on Tuesday.

Mrs Arroyo, who faces a tough campaign for re-election on May 10, said the explosives were to have been used to bomb trains and shopping malls in Manila.

What happens if there is a terrorist attack here in the U.S. just before the election? To which candidate will that event push the electorate?

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