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I Miss Carl Sagan

As I sit here watching a revival of Cosmos, a series that premiered when I was in high school, I find myself nostalgic for Carl Sagan and his unique way of combining science and philosophy. He would be appalled today at the way philosophy — at least, the religious type — has pushed science away, doing its best to discredit it.
What would Carl say to “Intelligent Design?” I can only wonder.
Why has no one stepped up to fill Carl’s admittedly large shoes, bringing science to the masses with style and intelligence?


  • I was lucky enough to actually see Carl Sagan speak in person at U.Va. many years ago. His talk moved me to tears.

  • A friend and I saw him way back in the late 80s, and during his talk — just about when he started talking about Venus being covered in seltzer water — my friend made a bizarre gesture with his finger that make me laugh out loud. We were sitting in the front row, and Dr. Sagan gave me this disapproving look. I was horrified.
    We stopped at McDonald’s afterward, and were amused to note that the sign out front said “Billions and Billions” served.

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