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I need a trademark lawyer

Hmm — I’ve been using the term “gmail” for five years on my website. And this company rushed to trademark it last week, thinking they were going to trump Google?
I might just sue them myself.

London-based The Market Age said it had at its peak a year ago 1,000 customers representing 300 banks signed up for its core “Pronet” Web-based research application service, of which “Gmail” is a primary research product.

“When the news came out about Google’s Gmail last week, I went to the U.S. patent and trademark authorities. I thought maybe we were in trouble. But they hadn’t (registered),” Shane Smith, group chief executive of Market Age, told Reuters on Wednesday.

He said that on Saturday he paid the $700 in fees to register “Gmail” under the company’s name. The Market Age never registered a “Gmail” Web domain, he added.

Maybe I need to contact Google and license them my term, eh?

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  • Better hurry and copywrite G-World, you never know how big Google is gonna get.

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