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I’m getting really tired of our Ivy League, wealthy northeast family president using such folksy language all the time. He’s either trying to appear like a mild-mannered folksy guy, which he’s not; or he’s really a moron. A few unhelpful, understated, and non-answer lines from yesterday:

  • “It was a tough week last week.”
  • Asked whether the violence would ebb soon, he replied: “It’s hard to tell. I just know this: that we’re plenty tough and we’ll remain tough.”


  • I nearly spit my coffee out through my nose when I heard the “It was a tough week” quote this morning. A tough week, to me, is spilling coffee all over yourself during a meeting with the Vice President of your company. Dozens of U.S. soldiers being killed because you sent them to war on faulty intelligence is a travesty, not a “tough week.”


  • Tough week…well..I hear gas just went up again!

    Couldn’t have been that tough of a week!

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