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Bore them into submission

I’ve figured out how he manages to befuddle so many: for the last 20 minutes or so, Dubya has been droning on and on and on about something or another in Iraq or something…
I completely tuned him out because he is such a horrible public speaker — his monotonous delivery and bizarre out-of-context pauses make it difficult to follow what he’s saying (or not saying).
One thing he’s said so far is completely true, but not in a positive way:
“We’re changing the world.”

Hey — was I imagining it, or did the 9/11 Commission earlier today punch holes in the assertion that the law forbid the various agencies (FBI, CIA, etc.) from sharing information?
If that is the case, why did Bush, in his press conference, just trot that chestnut out as an excuse?

And again, he insists that “no one could have predicted” using planes as weapons. How can he continue using that line?

Oh, and also: David Gregory of NBC News… years ago, he would have been described as “a fop.” Today, he’s just prissy. Yeah, I know, an unfair personal criticism. Well, I get a little nasty while Dubya’s spouting a bunch of crap.

While I’m making nasty comments on appearance, can I point out Condi Rice sitting in the back next to the corpulent Karl Rove? She’s hunched over, looking sour with dark rings around her eyes and a weird scrunched up face. I instantly recognized that face: remember the Twilight Zone episode entitled “Eye of the Beholder“?

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