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Triumph of the early adopter

I sometimes complain about my pathological need to be an early adopter, especially when I’ve plunked down money then must defend my purchase. Such was my dilemma when I purchased my first Prius back in 2000.
But now, with rising gas prices, people are rushing to their Toyota dealer to buy the new model and finding that demand has far outstripped supply.
It’s called forward thinking, folks. But I won’t criticize, for you are doing the right thing seeking a low emission, highly efficient vehicle. Good for you.
As I read all about the rush to buy the latest thing that’s come over so many new people, I sit comfy in my 2004 Prius that’s nearing it’s 6th month birthday, listening to tunes on my iPod mini with the super-low serial number. Life is good, for once. Nyah, nyah!

Hmm… it just occurred to me that I might have a couple of pricey items for eBay…

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