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¿Cuál está en un nombre?

So, I’m making some frozen taquitos for dinner, and I notice that on the back is a personal message from the Ruiz family, who run the company. I thought, “how nice! They’re actually Mexican!” Then, I read the names.
Kimberly Ruiz Beck, vice chairman. Bryce Ruiz, VP. Fred Ruiz, chairman.
These are the whitest names you could possibly put before “Ruiz.” I mean, c’mon. Bryce?
My grandmother was a Ruiz. I grew up hearing names like Susana, Tacha, Maria. Her children were named Susana, Yolanda, and Maura.
Of course, the next generation — mine — ended up as Eugene, Anthony, Eric, and Kirk. That’s probably because Yolanda and Susana married Eugene and Guenther, respectively. In the newest generation, we’ve got a Hannah and Jillian, so we’re getting pretty far removed from the world of the Ruiz, Flores, and Cordova families.
Still, there’s no Bryce.

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