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Let’s get realistic

I’ve been scanning book covers today for our annual list of Notable Social Studies Trade Books, and came across one entitled “Rainbow High” by Alex Sanchez.
The book cover reviews say things like “realistic and remarkably honest,” and “forthright portrayal.”
Take a look at the cover. It’s depiction of three Abercrombie models certainly doesn’t jibe with my realistic & honest remembrance of high school as a gay guy.
Perhaps it was like that for Alex, who is pretty cute himself — and lives in my town. Perhaps I shouldn’t bad mouth his book, because I realistically think that a hunky guy like him might be a love interest for a slovenly, slobbish, geeky guy like me. You think?

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  • Heh. I’ve been meaning to check out his books and the emerging gay youth fiction genre in general. But I think it’s safe to assume they won’t approximate my closeted (asexual) high-school experience. It’s practically escapist.

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