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Feelin’ hot hot hot

Wow — after such a chill, today’s near-90 degree weather in Washington was bizarre to say the least. It was so hot upstairs in my home office that my G5 started spinning it’s fans at high speed, even when not in use. It’s still hot at 9pm, and I’ve actually turned on the air conditioning.
You know, there’s nothing so variable as the weather, huh?
I have somewhere some pages from a book in which my grandfather was published. The story was about black magic and it’s appearance in court. Yeah, sounds weird, I know. Anyway, on the back of one of the pages was the next story in the book. I never read it because it was only one page worth. But the first paragraph was a quotation of a folk saying:

Whether it’s cold or whether it’s hot
There’s gonna be weather, whether or not.

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