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You know, usually my life consists of going to work, getting in a good… oh, 5 hours or so in the office, then coming home and vegetating. Not lately, though. In fact, the next month is wacky and fun-filled.
Besides getting 5 publications designed and produced in the next month and an upcoming board meeting, I have all this stuff to do:

  • Visit from Sara, Lily and Jen this weekend and all the airport picking-up and sightseeing that entails
  • Reception with former Texas governor Ann Richards and columnist Molly Ivins (love her)
  • March for Women’s Lives
  • Rosebud independent film awards
  • Finalize a video for Universal Living Wage
  • Create a wedding video for my brother’s friend
  • Finish up a re-do of our website at work
  • Another 48 Hour Film competition – write, film, and produce a short film in 2 days, and all the meetings, location shoots, and late nights that entails
  • Drive out to Front Royal (an hour or so away) to pick up my aunt
  • Goin’ to London for a week (and all the packing and preparing that entails)

I should put a “to do” list here on the blog to make sure I get everything done. I’ll add “sleep” sometime after May 25.

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