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They can afford the fines

The Republicans have made a campaign strategy out of pointing the finger of campaign finance at the Democrats; but they are still the ones being fined for their illegal campaign spending activities, yet again:

Democrats have scored one small, belated victory in the 2000 presidential recount. President Bush’s 2000 campaign has agreed to pay a $90,000 civil fine for failing to disclose fundraising and spending to the Federal Election Commission for its effort to win the Florida recount, the FEC said yesterday.

Bush raised nearly $14 million for his effort to win the Florida ballot dispute, compared with about $3.2 million in recount spending by Democratic nominee Al Gore.

The Bush campaign disclosed details of its recount spending in a report to the Internal Revenue Service in July 2002. The FEC said the campaign should have reported the fundraising to the commission.

Meanwhile, back in 2004, the fundraising totals as of today:
Bush: $184,000,000
Kerry: $75,000,000
When elections can be won by money, only the rich will own the government.

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