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Delivered today… or not

Here’s how long it’s been since I ordered a pizza from Dominos–didn’t they used to guarantee delivery in 30 minutes or it’s free? When did they stop that?
The guy was realistic, at least: he said it would be about 35 minutes. Yikes… they’re just up the street.


  • Wow, it has been a while for you.
    This happened about 6 or 7 years ago when a Domino’s driver from right here in St. Louis was at risk of going over the 30minute time period so he drove at a high rate of speed, the result was a multiple car accident with quite a few fatalities including children.
    …enjoy your pizza.

  • Well, I haven’t had Domino’s in a long time because I learned that they make really crappy pizza. Pizza Hut is more to my liking, but they closed the one near me. The best pizza is a hole in the wall here called Pike Pizza, but yesterday I just didn’t have time to schlep up there.
    Bad choice on my part.

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