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photobook.gifEarly this week I ordered some photo books using Apple’s iPhoto. They arrived today — that’s right, it took only 5 days. I’m amazed at this product and wonder why it seems that Apple is alone in this concept. Using iPhoto, you create a book using templates, customizing them depending on how many photos you want per page. Then, click! It’s off to Apple to be printed and bound into a hardcover book.
The books themselves are beautiful, but what really struck me was the packaging it arrived in. That’s a picture of it, above. Apple has become the undisputed king of product packaging these days. It makes me wonder how much they could lower the price of their products if they just put them into a plain, ordinary box.

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  • Apple’s packaging turns me on. Don’t dare sugggest it might be OK to forego. The world is full of ugly. Apple is one of the few companies that continues to say no to ugly. Besides, it doesn’t cost any less to make an ugly package.

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