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Moving pictures

Those of you know know me have probably come to terms with my addiction to gadgets. (I can’t decide if this is better than addiction to coffee, cigarettes, or other substances, but it’s probably more expensive.)
Today I picked up a new gadget: a new camera.
I have an excuse, ok? I’m going to London in a couple of weeks, and need to take lots of pictures. Yeah, I already have a camera, but it’s big, bulky, and heavy. Not a candidate to slip in my pocket while I’m on the tube.
So, I got a teeny tiny camera that fits in my pocket. And get this: it also records video! Now, it’s never going to take the place of a full-fledged video camera, but hey — I never thought I’d use the teeny phone cam, either.
Any requests for little videos for the blog? (I know what a couple of you are thinking — you know who you are. Nothing naughty.)

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