Just As I Thought

Fully clothed

I think I want to get some pajamas. Partially because I often wake up in the middle of the night paranoid that there is someone in the house and I scramble to find my robe and wander around looking for them. (Yeah, I know. There’s something very, very wrong with my brain chemistry. That’s become quite clear to me in the last week for one reason or another.)
Maybe that will be my main goal for this weekend. I may spend almost all my weekend napping and generally being a slug; I may not do any laundry or clean the kitchen, I may not straighten up the living room (in a gay way) or scour the bathroom sink; but if I manage to get out of the house to Target to buy some pajamas, I’ll consider it a successful weekend.
Take your success where you can get it, pal.
I wonder if I should get the kind with feet?

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