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The Horror

Cicada sightings 2 and 3 today, but gross and sad. #2 was laying on it’s back, slowly flailing its legs. I tried to right it, and discovered that even though it was moving… it was only a partial cicada, which had obviously had a run in with a bird. #3 was about 3 millimeters thick, ground into the sidewalk in front of my house.
Bugs are unpleasant things to most humans, I guess it’s some kind of in-born genetic thing we’ve got wired into our brain. And as much as I dislike insects in general, I don’t wish them harm, really — I go out of my way to shoo insects out of the house rather than kill them, and I try to avoid hurting them when I’m out in their world.
So I’m glad I’ll be in London when the cicada peak hits, because I don’t think I could take seeing their dead bodies littering the landscape.

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