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What’s the difference?

Today’s Style Invitational has a pretty high percentage of good ones. The premise was simple: what is the difference between two people (real or fictional) with similar names.

The difference between Dave Barry and Marion Barry is that Dave is famous for stuff that comes out of your nose. (Laura Shumar, Lafayette, Ind.)

The difference between Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson: At least when Michael exposes himself in front of the youth of America, he has the decency to do it in the privacy of his own bedroom. (Russell Beland, Springfield)

The difference between Thomas Jefferson and George Jefferson is about seven generations. (Miles D. Moore, Alexandria)

Donald Rumsfeld and Donald Duck: When we can’t understand Donald Duck, it’s funny. (Eric Murphy, Chicago)

George W. Bush and George of the Jungle: George of the Jungle started as a cartoon and then went to live action. (Peter Levitan, Sherman Oaks, Calif.)

Billy Carter and Bill Clinton: One brings to mind a president’s feckless relation, and the other a president’s reckless fellation. (Chris Doyle)

Curious George and George Bush: One of them makes a real effort to find out what’s going on. (Jack Cackler, Jane Auerbach)

George Bush and George Washington: George Bush had enough sense not to allow military service to interfere with regular trips to the dentist. (Carl Northrop, Fairfax)

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