Just As I Thought

Oh, that paparazzi

In a few hours, I’ll be off to the gala screening of the top 48 Hour Film Project films, of which ours if one of… hmm. That sentence went south there.
I’m a little tongue tied because I’ll be there representing our team. We already made it to this final stage by virtue of being an audience favorite at the first screening. Now I have it on good authority that we’ll be winning something tonight. What’s got me nervous is the position I’m in. My friend Jon, the director, is in Hollywood this week working on a deal to get a screenplay he wrote produced — it looks like that is going to happen, this winter. I’ll have more on that and my role in the production later when I’ve come to terms with it.
But first things first. I have to get through tonight, when I’m terrified that I’ll have to get up in front of a sold-out theatre and make some kind of speech. The points I have to hit include creating a buzz about the feature film I just mentioned; thanking all the people on the team; and getting in a plug for our film-makers group, DC Film Salon. I can understand, in some small way, how Oscar nominees must feel.
But I don’t have anyone doing my hair & dressing me up in a designer tux tonight. Heck, I don’t even have anyone to drive me there or sit next to me.
I’m a little freaked right now. Really.

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