Just As I Thought

Pinch me

Holy CRAP.
HOLY crap.
HOly CRap.
We won the whole freakin’ thing.
“Signs,” our entry in the D.C. 48 Hour Film Project WON BEST FILM tonight!
Oh, we also won best graphics and best editing.
I got up, and shaking all over, I stood at the front of a sold-out theatre and give a nervous speech, answered a few questions, and then kind of stood there, shell shocked.
Now I’m home, still shocked, and kind of bewildered by the whole thing.
Bed. That’s what I need. A little sleep, and then tomorrow I’ll put it in perspective.


  • As the kids say “tubular dude!” Oh, wait- that’s what I used to say.
    You know what y’all should film next? A thoughtful documentry on the wedding of, we’ll say, a cousin of yours in, oh I don’t know, Southern Illinios who, maybe, doesn’t have a videographer…. that’d be pure magic. I’d laugh, I’d cry….

  • Let me be the first online to congratulate you and your team for this cool award. Bravo! It’s great to be an artist of any kind and be recognized for it. Good job, Gene! I’m proud of you and the team that put this project together.

    Now- plan your next one!


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