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No doubt the newly married same-sex couples in Massachusetts are to blame: conservative screed-spewer Rush Limbaugh, who broadcasts messages about the decline of morality engendered by liberals, (and who has been exposed as a drug user) has split with his wife:

Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh announced Friday that he and his wife, Marta, were divorcing.

The Limbaughs “mutually decided to end their marriage of 10 years” and have “separated pending an amicable resolution,” according to a statement released by Limbaugh’s publicist.

The couple shared a $24 million oceanfront mansion in nearby Palm Beach. Limbaugh often broadcasts his daily three-hour show from a studio in a commercial area of Palm Beach.

Spokesman Tony Knight said the matter was personal and declined further comment.

It was the third marriage for both Limbaugh, 53, and his 44-year-old wife, who were wed May 27, 1994 at the Virginia home of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Thomas officiated the ceremony.

I never knew that Justice Thomas officiated at his wedding — but I’m not surprised. I guess it was so that Rush could claim he’s not racist.

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