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Not too proud right now

Unbenownst to me, it seems to be Pride weekend in D.C. I didn’t get the memo on this.
I’m proud of who I am — although I often don’t see what’s so important about being proud of being gay. I wonder if heterosexual people often are proud to be straight, or if, like me, it’s just part of their complete selves and not a trait that one would single out for pride. Sort of like being proud of your ears.
Anyway, I put out the big old rainbow flag on the front of my house, if for no other reason than to point out to the fundamentalist, hate-spewing bigots in the Virginia House of Delegates that their legislation aimed at further disenfranchising gay people in this state will not — for the time being — drive me from the place of my birth, where I’ve grown up, and where I choose to make my home.
What? You don’t know about how intolerant my home state is? Well, read all about it. And now you know why I’m NOT celebrating Virginia pride.

p.s.: a hint — just like in the state legislature, one should never pick up the welcome mat outside one’s front door after a rain storm. There are a bunch of crawly things under there. Yuck.

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