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The terrorists have come across a better way to terrorize: notify us in advance.
Since the kidnapping and brutal murder of Nicholas Berg, they’ve started a new trend, publicizing a deadline then beheading their victim. Last Friday I woke up knowing that Paul Johnson would be beheaded that day. It was on the calendar like a business meeting.
Today is the day that they intend to behead Kim Sun Il.
A surprise attack is far less effective in creating terror than a scheduled horror you can anticipate.

Update: Right on schedule, a murder.
I think this is a much more “effective” method of terrorism — it’s certainly terrifying.

Just as an aside, and not intending to dismiss the horror of this latest murder, I just want to point out that beheading is the standard, official method of capital punishment in Saudi Arabia. By the way, as a gay man, I would be subject to that barbaric punishment myself, just for existing.

But they’re our friends.

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