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Schadenfreude: less filling

You’d think that after years and years railing against the Bush gang I’d be taking some pleasure in the deterioration of it. But I feel oddly unphased. It could be because Bush and Cheney are still there; but it is most likely due to the depressing realization that it’s all too late. The damage has been done, and if it is possible to undo what they have done, it will certainly take decades if not longer.
There’s also the realization that all of these reprehensible people will most likely get off scot free, that the rising power of the Democrats will not translate into the sort of political courage it takes to bring real change. As usual, people voted for change, but they got more of the same thing.
One of the positive spins people are putting on the resignation of Alberto Gonzales and Karl Rove is that they had the loyalty of President Bush. Who the hell doesn’t? “Brownie,” anyone? And doesn’t the fact that Bush has surrounded himself by an unchanging entourage for decades just drive home the fact that he doesn’t tolerate dissent or differing opinion?
I’m too tired, exhausted from the Bush years to write daily political missives anymore; I’m grateful that so many people have now woken up to what I and many others realized before the 2000 election but things still aren’t moving fast enough for me and I’m afraid that it doesn’t matter anymore. We’re in a miles-deep hole with no means of escape for most of us. The Bush gang is climbing up the only rope and the last one up will pull that rope up behind him.
I will give this administration props for one thing: they make other detested conservatives look good. Because of them, I now really miss Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, John Ashcroft… those were the days, eh?


  • I would like to be the first to commend you on the correct spelling of Schadenfreude

  • Why, thank you! I discovered this fantastic new utility called a “dictionary.” Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

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