Just As I Thought


Ugh. I feel a need to get away from the craziness of politics right now… as well as a need for a shower after that last one.
So, anyway, what’s up with you?
What’s up with me is film, my friends.
I’m helping out with a new short film festival here in D.C., naturally entitled “DC Shorts.” You can learn more about it here.
Tomorrow I’ll be watching a whole bunch of submissions for the festival, deciding on the ones that will be accepted. We watched the first round of films a couple of weeks ago, and they were mostly good, with a few clunkers. There were a couple that really stood out, including one from Germany and one from Scotland.
We’ve scheduled the festival for the weekend of September 10-11, and it’ll most likely be held at Flashpoint, an arts center downtown near the MCI Center. Check out the website — hope to see you there!

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