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Links: real and proposed

I’ve spent a few hours this evening making my way through the web through the magic of hyperlinks. It’s incredible how my interests wend through pages and I find the most amazing things.
I started by learning about the world’s tallest building, under construction in Taiwan. That led me to a site about buildings all over, which led me to a database of buildings here in Arlington. I found out what buildings are planned for my neighborhood, then I looked for the building I used to work in, which then got me interested in where the subway runs under the buildings. Now, I’m finding out all about the subway, and learning that there are existing tunnels — some just stubs — that were built in anticipation of lines that never materialized, in places where I always thought subway lines should go and were conspicuous by their absence.
One interesting thing I learned is that there is said to be a subway station already built at Dulles Airport, which may have been built during the construction of the airport in the 1960s. At that time, Metro was planned to extend as far as the airport, but over time the plan was dropped (and is back on the drawing boards again now).
Wow. Who knew there was so much to learn tonight?

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