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Welcome to the second millennium of blog entries. I’m a little scared of the prospect of having written 2,000 short missives (and some not so short), but not surprised in the least. So, here’s 2001.
You must see “Napoleon Dynamite.” I saw it last night
on a second date with a cutie named Ian who I met last weekend… I know I almost never post anything about my love life here, mostly because it’s non-existent, but not only is it rare to have a second date, I actually like this guy… he’s intelligent, aware, witty, and has gorgeous eyes. But I digress
and laughed and laughed! It’s a snippet of the life of a fabulously geeky high school kid, a movie made up of constant set pieces, mostly of slack-jawed, gaping non-reactions to bizarre characters.
It’s hard to explain the charm of this movie, you’ve just got to experience it for yourself.
Playing now at a theatre near you!

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