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Every so often I see a press release about an auction and I’m always wishing I had a spare fortune laying around — I could have a Dalek, a model of the Enterprise, or perhaps an original Tiki Bird.

Well, this Spring has brought a couple exciting sales that I can do nothing about but watch jealously.

First, there’s the “Holy Grail” of Doctor Who memorabilia: William Hartnell’s granddaughter, while refurbishing his flat, has discovered his original marked-up script for the very first episode, “An Unearthly Child.” This is one of those auction items that always seems like it belongs in some sort of museum. One imagines it should be in the archives of the BBC, but I’m afraid if that happens, the Beeb will one day just throw it out because it’s taking up space. [Auction Link]

Next up is an incredible auction of props and artwork by one of my favorite artists, Rolly Crump. This sale includes a range of incredible artifacts, from painted rocks to tiki gods to pieces of the “small world” facade. There are even some pieces by the legendary Mary Blair.

If you’re looking for a gift for my birthday, you can’t go wrong with anything from this collection. Hint. [Auction Link]

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