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St. Teresa

There’s a fascinating (and glowing) article about Teresa Heinz Kerry in today’s Washington Post. It details her work running the Heinz Foundation and how she has worked to revitalize Pittsburgh. After reading this, I really want to vote for her rather than her husband! Alas, she was not born in the U.S., and is therefore ineligible for the presidency. Unless, of course, the Schwarzenegger amendment passes.

Once so grimy and gray, Pittsburgh now glistens by day and glitters by night, its spectacular skyline reflected in the water.

It has a vibrant arts and cultural district right downtown where the red-light district used to be, anchored by the historic Heinz Hall built by her late father-in-law for the Pittsburgh Symphony. There are two venues, the Byham and the Benedum, which rival Europe’s finest opera halls for opulence. A new modern stage was designed by Michael Graves. The performance spaces and galleries have brought eclectic restaurants and a fledgling movement to convert some gorgeous old buildings into jazzy new condominiums.

Pushed by Heinz Kerry, Pittsburgh has become the most environmentally progressive city in the nation, proclaims its mayor, Tom Murphy, who has taken to calling her “St. Teresa.”

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