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Look for the union label

Some woman interviewed on Morning Edition this morning says of same-sex marriage that it should be called something else. “I just don’t want them forcing it on me. Let them find their own word.”
Let me get this straight — pun intended — they don’t mind if same sex couples get together, but they just don’t want them to use the word “marriage?”
Is what it’s called the most important thing to these people? I guess that straight marriage is not about love or commitment, it’s all about the label.
And that “forcing it on me” comment that I hear so much makes it sound as if people will be rounded up on the street and forced to marry other members of the same sex.

C’mon, people. Even Springfield is legalizing same-sex marriage. Go, Waylon!

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  • I guess that’s sort of like when Georgia or wherever wanted to start calling evolution ‘changes over time.’ Silly.

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