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Divide and conquer

Doesn’t anyone else see what I see?
The right wing, rallying around their poster boy Dubya, are engaged in a divisive battle. Since they’re done such a crappy job, they’re trying to tell you who is to blame for your troubles. The terrorists! Saddam Hussein! The gays!
And people are falling for it, hook, line, and sinker.
Why is George W. Bush pushing the same-sex marriage issue? Does anyone realize that the president has no constitutional role in amendments? Didn’t stop him from riling people up, getting them thinking that the gays are what’s wrong with this country, that they’re to blame for sliding morals. Of course, you don’t see him fighting to outlaw divorce, do you?
Anyway, he’s created such divisive issues in order to split us all up. Divide and conquer. Do you remember once, long ago, when some states were outlawing something and others were not? When one group of people was treated with contempt and inequity in some states, but not in others?
Do you remember when that division in the union of states led to a war?
What happens if, in the next few years, some states refuse to discriminate and allow same-sex couples to marry, but other states refuse to recognize them. The federal system begins to break down, doesn’t it? What happens next? Passports to travel from one state to another? I can see the breakdown in terms of Red States and Blue States now. And the right wing is cackling about it, cementing their power through redistricting and unconstitutional laws sidestepping the separation of powers.
You know, the other day I saw an old war film on TCM. I’ll try to digitize part of it for you.
— ooh — there’s a fighter jet flying REALLY low and REALLY loud over my house at this moment — anyway —
The film, propaganda, of course, was trying to promote unity and pointed out that Hitler cemented his power by pitting the haves against the have-nots, the laborers against the bosses, and the minorities against the majority.
Sound familiar?
i’m just saying, that’s all.

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  • You’re right of course. I’m afraid most Americans both don’t pay attention and don’t care as long as the mall stays open till 9 and the president doesn’t preempt Gilmore Girls again. Almost daily, I discover that even my smart, wide open liberal friends have no idea what’s going on. NO ONE in my circle knew about the recent anti-gay legislation just passed in Virginia — my friends in Norfolk were stunned when I told them what their representative had quietly made into law. It’s appalling that citizens don’t read the news available to them. It’s criminal that law-makers quietly pass legislation to humor their Christian-fascist supporters. I’m very distressed.

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