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I seem to recall that just a little while ago, some Bush administration official insisted that the administration would “make up” the lost jobs during their watch. I immediately thought “my, what a low bar they’ve set. If they manage to only make up the jobs — have no net loss and no net gain — then they’ve squeaked through.”
That’s the way the Bush administration has worked since before the election: lower the bar so that the minimal successes they’ve had appear to be fantastic. Witness last week’s deficit figures. The administration led us to believe that the deficit would be incredibly enormous, and when it turned out to be simply horribly enormous, they claimed that the economy was in great shape.
Well, the news today that the economy only produced 32,000 jobs instead of 215,000-240,000 was met by the most ridiculous, insane, and outright lie this week:

“Economic growth is strong and it’s getting stronger,” President Bush told a conference of minority journalists in Washington today. “And that’s good for everybody in America.”

This is not even in the same realm as “spin”, folks. What the hell numbers is this MBA president looking at?
At this rate, Bush will leave office (God, please, soon) enshrined in history along with Herbert Hoover as having left fewer jobs than when he started.

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