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Terminate his candidacy

I guess it seems rather pointless for me to write anything about the recall of Governor Davis in California. Other than this: the Republican mode of operation seems to be conquest through technicalities. Don’t like the outcome of an election? Have another one. Or call your pals on the Supreme Court.
Amazing how they either eliminate democracy altogether or try the opposite extreme – democracy gone mad.
And can I just mention Arnold Schwarzenegger – he’s gotten a lot of mileage over his potential candidacy, just in time to promote his T3 movie. And tonight, there was actually an NBC News special report (coincidentally during West Wing) to announce that he WILL run… and you can hear the details on NBC’s The Tonight Show. That should worry you – a political candidate announces his candidacy on THE TONIGHT SHOW?!
Please, Californians… don’t let the wads of cash spent on this recall effort sway you. Davis may not be the best governor, but as far as I can tell, the state’s problems were not caused by him. The energy crisis, as has already been disclosed, was caused deliberately by energy companies; the budget crisis is being experienced by almost every state.
What do you suppose Ah-nold would do about it? Intimidate it? Or pander to his right-wing cronies in the Bush administration and big business?
Scary quote from his Tonight Show appearance with the still-stuck-on-Lewinsky-jokes Jay Leno:

“I will make decisions for the people of California”

At least he can’t be president. Thank goodness for small favors, such as they are.
Gee, and I thought I wouldn’t write anything…

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  • He could always play saxiphone on Arsino Hall’s show… Perhaps do an episode of SNL… Either way, I don’t belive that Gov. Davis is prepared for the iminent rise of the machines.
    O.K., that was from ‘THEONION”

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