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Much ado about nothing

Over the years, I have truly come to hate “Seinfeld.” Sadly, I think the reason for my annoyance at this show is the hype that accompanied it. Too often, hype has ruined my opinion of something. For instance, the hype over such films as the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars series have led me never to see them. I don’t think they’re really my type of film anyway, but still — I could do without seeing ads, hearing ads, and having marketing tie-ins everywhere I turn.
Anyway. Lost Remote reports that the DVD set of “Seinfeld” is finally about to hit, and it will be accompanied by a record-setting marketing blitz.

Considered one of the most innovative, popular and successful TV comedy series of all time and now the most anticipated TV-to-DVD ever, SEINFELD, the show about nothing, finally debuts on DVD November 23 — newly enhanced in high definition.

Ugh. If Seinfeld is so popular, what’s the need to spend the gross national product of a small country on marketing it?

Oh, the press release goes on and on about the new “high definition” remastering of the show.

All 40 Episodes, Now in High Definition, Available November 23 in Two Individual Volumes or as a Deluxe Gift Set

Those of you with high definition televisions may be somewhat disappointed: there is no high-definition DVD or player on the market, so right at the outset they’re misleading consumers. The episodes may have been remastered into high definition (which also means that picture information was lost, as HD is a widescreen format and the show was filmed in a more square, 4:3 format — they had to have cropped the top and bottom for HD), but the DVD itself has standard old NTSC video on it, 480 lines of definition as opposed to HD’s 1080.
Of course, in our litigious times, I foresee a lawsuit coming quickly, as the DVDs won’t deliver what the press release alludes to.

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