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“Supporting” the troops

Here’s a good example of right-wing hypocrisy (like we need another one). Courtesy of Mac:

One county is not honoring Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s request to fly flags at half-staff when Michigan soldiers are killed in active duty. Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson calls the order political symbolism. The Republican says it undermines the effort in Iraq and promotes opposition to the war.

Granholm’s order issued last year says state flags should be lowered from the day the death is known until the soldier is buried.

So, all the politically motivated cries of “support our troops!” from the right are just that — they don’t want you to really think about our soldiers or their continuing deaths. They don’t want you to know that Americans are dying every day, because that might undermine their war. They certainly don’t want you to see any pictures of flag-draped coffins, nor know the names of the dead, because that would make them human beings. They especially don’t want you to know that as they stick bumper stickers on their SUVs claiming support for the troops, they’re also cutting veterans benefits.
What does it mean when the lefties such as myself are fighting to bring out some respect for those Americans who have made such sacrifices in the military, and the right wingers are trying to keep them off your television screens and keep them poor and unrespected?

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