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Proud of myself

I was annoyed but not surprised when President Bush flipped off protestors last month while driving by in his bus.
This morning, I returned the favor when I was driving across the Roosevelt Bridge into Washington and he was in his limo on the outbound side.
I’m sure he didn’t see me, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

And never let it be said that I wasn’t fair and balanced: I’m going to vote, of course, for John Kerry. Unfortunately, it seems that we will go from a bumbling, stumbling, can’t manage to get the words right public speaker to one who drones on and on and makes me want to listen to a drill just to break the monotony. John, the human voice is capable of hitting more than one note. Try some inFLECtions sometime.


  • You know Dennis Miller had a nice little rant a few years ago about how after the V.P. debates everyone seemed to be going off on Adm. James Stockdale and how moronic he looked. The thing is that Stockdale is an amazing individual who was more qualified for that postition than anyone, he continued with his list of accomplishments. Then he noted that Stockdale made one critical error- he looked bad on television.
    I agree with what you are saying, but it’s just sad that most Americans (yourself NOT included) don’t bother to check out the individual rather than his persona via the media. But then I suppose it has always been that way and will only get worse.
    But yeah, it’d be nice if Kerry could devlop some sort of personality.

  • You’re lucky you didn’t get arrested and shipped off to Gitmo, Gene! Everyone knows that flipping off this president is unamerican and could be considered a terrorist threat.

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