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What’s wrong with a checkbox?

The ballot nonsense in Florida continues:

Palm Beach County has introduced an absentee ballot that requires voters to indicate their choices by connecting broken arrows, sparking criticism that it is even more confusing than the infamous “butterfly ballot” used in the 2000 election.

Theresa LePore, the elections supervisor who approved the 2000 butterfly ballot, opted for a ballot design for the Aug. 31 primary that asks voters to draw lines joining two ends of an arrow. LePore said she selected the ballot after tests showed it was easier for voters.

Critics say the new ballot is not an improvement.

“People do the crazier things when they’re asked to connect the arrows,” said Stephen Ansolabehere, former director of the Voting Technology Project, a collaboration between the California and Massachusetts institutes of technology.

What in the hell is the plan in Florida? Create wacky, bizarre voting methods and then hope that no one can figure it out?
Just give people a list of candidates and let them CIRCLE A FREAKING NAME already.

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  • you’d figure they would have done something better 4 years ago when the first bush election got all fubar’ed…

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