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Red hair? You’re under arrest

Being gay is a crime in many places, including Afghanistan — which is supposed to be free, remember?

An American adviser to the Afghan government has been arrested in the capital for allegedly having sex with an Afghan man, officials said Tuesday. The man was arrested late last week after an Afghan detained by police told investigators the American had paid him for sex at a Kabul hotel, the officials said. Being gay is a crime in Afghanistan, and if convicted, the unnamed American could get a jail term of five to 15 years if convicted. — Queer Day

The whole idea of criminalizing a biological trait is insane. And that’s what it is, folks, whether you believe it or not — biology. Genetics, perhaps, I’m not sure. But I am sure that no one chooses to be gay, it’s an inborn trait, possibly a mutant gene or something. The point here is that to make it illegal to be gay is like making it a crime to have red hair. Or blue eyes. Or, as was the case centuries ago in some superstitious cultures, to be left handed.
I can understand being arrested for having paid for sex, although even that is pretty ridiculous. Having sex at all? Perhaps, still insane. But to be a criminal because you are gay is so unthinkable to me.
Do you ever think that the Holocaust never taught anyone anything, that no matter what happens there will always be hated groups of people that others will do anything to destroy?

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