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Are they blind?

Republican Party leaders touted the advent of what they called a period of “Bush prosperity” Wednesday as their national gathering to promote President Bush and Vice President Cheney for a second term reconvened with a brief protest and scuffling on the convention floor.

It seems like everything that comes out of the mouth of a Bush supporter is just plain, ordinary bullshit.
Prosperity? Huh? Yes, perhaps for his cronies.
On top of this, they’re once again trotting out that “compassionate conservative” thing — first off, that phrase is an oxymoron of the highest order, but more importantly, using that appellation after 4 years of the most divisive administration in recent memory — one that has brazenly called for discriminatory constitutional amendments affecting at least 5% of the population — is incredibly… well, unbelievable.
I now know why the religious right is among his biggest supporters. These are people of “faith” — a zealous kind of faith that makes little sense, a faith in things that are not only not seen, but are disproven. A faith that despite all evidence to the contrary, the president is never wrong. A faith in whatever he says even though his assertions have been shown to be untrue. A complete and utter blindness to truth seems to be the hallmark of a Bush supporter.

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